Test cases, UI for affinity tool, and putting things together - A quick update

This is going to be just a quick update about the progress of our current project, since I don't really have any big news about it. For the past weeks, I have been working on revamping our test suites: making sure they are still passing, making new tests for new functions that were not previously tested, and build test cases for the frontend (as described in my previous post: Making a test suite for the front-end client). No big news here, it is all working nicely! I also made another query (an interface...) for getting information about user affinities (which I explained in this post: User Affinity Tool: grouping and finding patterns for users). Now people who are using Rutilus can have a nice interface for querying users based on their affinities. For example: getting all the emails of users who seem to be engineers. And finally, I was also working on modularizing our project: the modules now seem to be working properly (based on the results we got from our test suites), so I made a new version of Rutilus for our industry partner using the modules we built (instead of the monolithic application we had before). Soon enough, we will deploy this new version for them.